Kyle TX Moving Guides: Moving a Safe


As Kyle Texas movers, we get different challenges with every moving job. Some of those moving jobs include moving a safe. As expert movers we need help too, so we developed this guide so you can work with us in making the procedure of moving a safe a bit simpler for yourself and our group as well.

First off, if you’re having difficulty moving the safe and you require some help, don’t be mad about it. That’s precisely what a great safe is suggested to do. Sadly for some individuals, they do not understand the issue that comes along with an easily movable safe.

It is time to prep the safe for relocation. Safe’s are heavy enough as is so please empty all contents to lighten the load. Besides, the majority of people keep delicate, expensive items in safes, and truth be told, moving an extremely heavy safe is not the smoothest of processes. Upon removing your prized possessions, pack them individually in safe packing materials. Do this in a private secure location so these products cannot be targeted and the problem of the valuables magically vanishing is nonexistent.

Now that everything is out the safe and safely packed, it is time to gather some heavy duty moving equipment to safely and effectively move the safe. We listed some safe moving tips below. Our Kyle TX movers are experts are moving safes and they advise the following:

To get the safe on the dolly, tilt one side up, slide the dolly beneath and carefully rest the safe against it.

Utilize your moving straps to secure one side of the safe then the other as you slowly pick up the opposite to move it totally on the dolly. Now that all the weight is on the dolly, it is recommended that three individuals work together to progressively move the safe around your house.

When outside, to get the safe from the dolly to the moving truck, the moving straps will have to bear the majority of the weight.

Gradually stand up putting most of the tension from the safe on your legs. With the help of a few buddies the safe can be easily raised onto the bed of the truck.

This procedure can be difficult and require the skills of a certified moving specialist as the heavy load can be a lot to handle. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call your Kyle TX movers, or if you are searching for packing products and moving suggestions visit our blog or call RHS Moving.

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