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About RHS Moving

It all started with hard-work, persistence, vision and many goals in mind to reach. We purchased one truck and a gooseneck trailer – that luckily came with the truck. We started working part time for friends, family, and coworkers we knew. Slowly but surely that big vision for RHS Moving & Transporting started unfolding. Staying humble and diligent pushed us into a great start.

So why the moving industry?

Working with people in the moving industry grew stronger and our passion for it was definitely showing. Helping people and building relationships last a lifetime. It’s not about moving someone from one house to another. It’s about helping people with big transitions and changes; we help make it easier.

Our company’s foundation has been built on honesty, reliability, and integrity from the start. It’s the expectation we want our clients to experience but also a requirement for every employee. I’m glad we can truly say that the customers experience has always been the most important priority.


We proudly operate throughout Texas and have kept a five star rating on both Google and BBB.org. The vision is greatly alive today! Our teams, colleagues, and partners are wonderful people to work with. We encourage and support each other in every aspect of the company as it continues to grow.

We would not be here today without hanging on to the promises of almighty God. We give him everything and continue to press forward! We plan our ways but the Lord directs our steps!

Chris Ramirez

Founder & Owner

About RHS Moving